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    Question VPS that allows curl proxy

    I've been running on a reseller account for a few years but now I've got some scripts that require proxy for curling and my provider says thats a 'no no'. After checking with a few of the stickys in the VPS offers section it seems that finding a host that allows proxying may be a bit harder than I thought.

    Basically, I'm not emailing or running a web proxy. I've coded a few php scripts that curl/scrape/post/do other cool things and I'd like to have them run through proxies to prevent being blocked (for example, scraping the Google keyword tool).

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a VPS provider that will allow this?

    P.S. sorry if there are already a million threads about this, honestly I searched and every thread that came up was about running web proxies.

    P.P.S. also these are private proxies which I have purchased, not open proxies taken from lists.
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    For something like that, you'd need to definitely find a list of prospective providers, and send them w/ a question to verify that it's good to go before signing up with them.

    Good luck
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