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    Custom Logo or Banner $5 each

    Offering custom logos or static banners for $5 each! Get your banner animated for $10, Bulk discounts available read on.

    Bulk Pricing:

    3 Logos, Banners or Concepts $14

    Max 3 logos or banners per registered member at $5 pricing and $10 for animated banners.

    Additional logos or banners past the first 3 is priced below:

    each additional Logo: $10
    each additional Static Banner: $10
    each additional animated banner $15

    PayPal Accepted, no upfront payment required, images will be watermarked until paid.

    Offer valid through Saturday June 20th!

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    and how do i order? and your portfolio?

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    I will be sending you a pm with portfolio and payment information shortly.

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    1 logo completed with Kamal S, more spots open for $5 logo design!

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    I want to see your portfolio
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddwebguru View Post
    I want to see your portfolio
    Same here.

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    I have sent a pm to both of you.


    Logo Portfolio "sample"

    Banner Portfolio

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalexdesign View Post
    Just wanted to add that this guy was a pleasure to work with. On top of that, you can't really go wrong for $5. - Shared cpanel hosting, 99.9% uptime.
    10 min average ticket responses, softaculous, rvsitebuilder, and more!
    Reliable, affordable shared hosting. I Mean Web Hosting!

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    Thank You very much IMeanWebHosting, I take web design serious and do what I can to assist websites.

    I will soon be offering a much wider array of services including web hosting hopefully in August.

    I also hate to inform however the following industries I will no longer be able to provide for:

    Adult Themed
    Illegal Activities
    Gang Activity
    Alcohol, Drugs etc

    Companies in direct competition "web design, developers, web hosting, domains etc, however I dont mind designing for your client projects if they dont conflict with the exclusions"
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    3 days left, several logos completed, hurry, offer ends soon.

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    Contact us know, we plan on closing this thread mid day today "Saturday June 20th"

    Last moment offer, 4 Logos or revisions for the price of 3!

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    do you have a website too?
    Let's talk custom servers and reseller plans

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    At the moment, our website is being developed and planned to launch soon. You may send us a pm if you would like further assistance. We are more than happy to assist.

    Thanks for your time.

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    im interested.

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    Bluewavehosted and GNS Harrison, the offer is valid for you two.

    Everyone else, offer has expired.

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