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    I'm setting my first eCommerce site and right now I need to resolve the following issue.

    I need to install (well, the hosting company will do it for me) a SSL certificate and I need to know what is best or common practice, to use or

    I don't know what difference it would make but it seems to do so because the hosting company is asking me to choose. Being that I'm clueless about this, I would also appreciate a quick explanation on the benefits or downfalls of using either one.


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    it really does not matter, but the SSL will only work on one of them; unless you have bought an wildcard SSL in that case your best choice would be without www.

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    If your main site name with www, use same for SSL.
    Hostname without www used rarely. Best way - always use site name with www and redirect users to if they visit site by hostname without www.
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    Thanks all for your replies. Now I know which way to stear.

    Thanks again.

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