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    Does any one use this company?

    I have used the search tool and have read many threads, but would just like to hear from existing users regarding support responses.

    Many Thanks


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    I use them. Their Sales isn't that great. Expect to wait a few weeks when you email them with sales inquiries.

    Their support is good i guess. Although every now and then I see people who have waited 10 hrs for a reboot

    I mean i've never really needed a lot of support, but when I did issues were handled promptly.

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    Thank you.

    Many thanks Clocker.

    I have read many things, regarding this company and on the whole they seem to have a good following of clients.

    What does concern me like many others I would imagine is the reboot issue. To have a server down for 10hrs, cannot be good for your client base or stress levels.

    In a case like this (extreme situation), would Rackshack (Owners of this Board is that right?) would they not deal with this issue and reboot the server if it was found to be down.

    Would or could someone from Rackshack answer this if possible, my logic be it very basic can only imagine its better for both company’s to deal with a server down, then having to wait for 10hrs.

    Many Thanks


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    They're back on track now, but no RS can't take instructions on servers other than from their client - Saburovo in this case.



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    Once requested you can guarantee it will be done, or you will at least get an explanation of the best method to correct any problems.

    Yes they have like any company had a few delays in answering emails, but by all accounts a very professional service.

    Good to see all is back on track.


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