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    Colocation Distance (Ottawa)

    How far is the max that you would setup servers (half rack) in a DC?

    I'm in Ottawa, and from what I've found in my research, the closest DCs with reasonable prices are in Montreal, which is a ~2 hour drive. Is that too far to sucessfully run a hosting business?

    Also, does anyone know of DCs that are closer?

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    You don't have to be there all the time, but the disadvantage is that you would most likely pay for remote hands in case you need to add a hard-drive or replace one, and anything requiring direct server access could be handled through IPMI/KVM if your server would have that.

    It sounds like you're aiming high with a half rack, but perhaps you can give dedicated hosting a chance, unless you plan to fill up the half rack right away.
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    There are some decent DC's in ottawa.

    There are a few more I can't recall right now.

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    We have a couple full rack customers who are further then two hours from our data center. If you feel comfortable with managing your equipment from that distance then I don't think it's too far.

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    If you partner with a datacenter who has a decent remote hands fee or access to KVM/IP you should be able to manage a datacenter fine, even if it is a few hundred kms away. Check out in Montreal, there is Primus in Ottawa as well but their pricing is on the higher side.

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    I'm also in the Ottawa area and looked into this a while back, the best option in town (at the time) I came up with in the city was Telecom Ottawa. Since then they have been been acquired by Atria Networks (who offers fiber connects throughout the city and province). I could only guess that they are still operating the data center they had downtown. That being said, their prices were ridiculously high compared to what you would be getting in Montreal, personally I would suggest iWeb. Good luck!

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    We have customers who are more than 2 hours away (I'd go as far as to say most of our colocation customers are over 2 hours away). I think the key is to find a datacentre with very good remote hands. If the remote hands are good, they can be on the case in minutes. At the facilities we use, we can use remote hands to do anything from swap out a hard drive to reinstall a server. Obviously we only use them as a last resort, as we have our staff very close to our facilities but when something needs doing quickly, we would always speak to remote hands before going ourselves.

    If you buy branded hardware, which is all toolless (like the higher end dell stuff) and standardise you can keep spares, like a hdd would be a 5 second job as it's all hot swap.

    If you're any distance from a data centre, going 3 hours to one with brilliant remote hands vs 2 hours to one with basic remote hands, I'd go for the 3 hour away facility.

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    Remote management

    If your willing to invest in KVM/IP setup that would help. If all your servers have DVD-ROM drives then you can also keep a copy of the OS inside in case you need to reinstall etc... A power bar with remote reboot would also be useful. If you can keep some spare parts in the rack that would reduce downe time if you need to replace anything.
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    I am in Toronto and for a while was coloed at colo4dallas in of course Dallas.

    It's completely possible to do it but if you are worried about proximity and don't want to use the Ottawa DC's listed try Iweb in Montreal or ScratchTelecom, Priority Colo or Coliseum Online in Toronto.
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    Take a look here :
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    I have datacenter / colo providers all the time that deal with clients shipping their equipment in. If you have a good support staff, to rack/stack and provision everything correctly, as well as hands/eyes, and KVM/IP (as others have mentioned) then it will be fine.

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    I worked at Equinix nationally, and we found that for the vast majority of in-region clients, less than 1 hour commute is the standard, but there's clearly a lot of variability.

    The following is our list of available retail DCs in your area:

    360 Networks
    Hypertec DR
    iWeb Technologies Inc
    Peer 1 Network

    Carpathia Hosting
    Colosseum Online Inc
    Interlink Colo
    Internap Communications
    Level 3 Communications
    Millennium Data Systems
    Peer 1 Network
    SevenL Networks Inc
    Switch & Data
    Carrier Connex
    Priority Colo
    Moxie Communications

    Several of the above are located at 151 Front Street in Toronto, which as you likely know is a carrier hotel.

    << snipped >>

    Good luck.
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    This totally sucks. I had been planning on colocating in Ottawa myself but didn't find any decent service providers. The closest ones to Ottawa are in Montreal which is about 2 hours driving.

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    Any chance you have a good list of Q9's facilities? I use commercial DBs, but if someone had a good list....

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    It's always going to be about your comfort level. I have clients that love to (or need to) be touching their hardware and hate to be outside of spitting distance - I have others that are half a continent or more away. If the facility is good and you're confident with your hardware choices and your ability to remotely manage then you can go for the facility that suits you best, regardless of distance.
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