Need to run a distributed computing project that requires multiple I/O channels. Like many customers has discovered you can buy 1 huge multi-core system or you can separate your loads by distributing your tasks among multiple servers. All for the price of a single dedicated server. So what could you do with a multi-server configuration?

(1) You could distributed the load for a high volume web site between 2-4 web servers. You could create a fully replicated back-end database between 2 servers. You could use the remaining servers for backup, development and staging.

(2) You could use all 8 servers to create a fully redundant replicated file system with an aggregate capacity of 1.5TB then you can use all or some subset of the nodes to host virtual machines.

(3) Build a Hadoop (map-reduce) cluster for data processing

(4) Create 4 dedicated game servers and run the web site and database servers from different nodes.

(5) Create a back-end storage array using TCP/IP raid. To mirror content from remote production environments.

(6) Build a private cloud (EC2 like) using Eucalyptus and much more...

These are just a few of the ways existing customers are using the configurations.

LeeWare Grid # (8 x Dedicated Servers)
AMD-64 3400+/3500+/3800+ (2.2Ghz Single Core)
4GB RAM (3.2GB)
26.4Mbit/s avg rate OFF-NET (Server-to-Internet) (8000GB pooled)
Free ON-NET (Server-to-Server)
FREE-SETUP - $250/month
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No Proxy Servers
No P2P or Bittorrent

Location: Chicago Metro Area