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    * iPhone Development Resources

    I've recently purchased an iPhone, and I have been looking into making some kind of server manager/notifier app for my phone. Most control panel's now offer some kind of API, so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to build a simple app to do some things on the go.

    Has anyone done any iPhone development or know of any decent iPhone development resources? The market today seems to be flooded with these "Teach yourself the iPhone SDK" books, but I have come to notice that most of these books are crap. Has anyone had any decent experiences?

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    I haven't messed with the iPhone yet but have thought about a similar app. Apple offers a great resource to get you started.

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    I bought the "Begginning iPhone Development" book to get started with the iPhone software.
    It is a good start and will teach you many things quickly to get you going.

    We have been working on an app for our software and it really is not that hard to get a simple app running.
    We basically are building the kind of app you are talking about, it is just for our billing software API instead of the servers API.

    I have used objective-c before, but it is really easy to move into if you have experience in other languages.

    Beginning iPhone Development
    ISBN# 978-1-4302-1626-1

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    I had a lot of luck with these resources while learning the iPhone SDK:

    Another resource people often overlook is video podcasts on iTunes. Do a search for 'Cocoa' and you'll find a bunch of walkthrough videos. You can also check sites like Vimeo for step-by-step screencasts with someone narrating tips along the way.
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    You should check out winchain on Google Code if you want to develop it on a windows box. I would link you, but I don't have enough posts to do so yet.

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