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    * Need better offer than OVH


    I'm almost confident that I will buy this server:
    With is 280 PLN/month (that translates to $88/month)
    Its the same as the ones on for example UK version of OVH
    Just cheaper.

    I was looking for a better offer, but that is really hard to get. Some are ridiculous (I'm guessing they are looking for morons), and some are close, but not better.
    I was also thinking about EQ4 server ( ) and it will be probably my alternate (since its 150 euro setpu fee) if OVH will have huge load, but small traffic.

    What I need is ability to do free OS reinstall (Gentoo Linux) or some kind of "Rescue system" like the one in OVH, with lets me mount HDD of my server on some basic Debian installation (or whatever) and fix what I need fixed (kernel panic or whatever).
    HDD should be 2 (no need for big ones, 74 gigs each is just fine), no need for raid if its gonna be software one, that doesn't help at all...
    No need for backup, I will do that myself.
    I don't need 200Mbit unmetered like the one offered by OVH, but 10-30Mbit is gonna be needed I guess. Preferred in Europe, but thats just a bonus.
    I don't care if its Intel or AMD, but don't offer junk like P4/Atom with never should see a server use in its life...
    I can go with 2 Gigs of RAM, but more is better of course.

    I need this machine to be managed by me, and only me. From you I would require to provide mentioned above way to fix it (by meself) in case serious software errors, as well as fix hardware if it breaks, provide bandwidth and power.

    If its gonna change anything (price?), I can put some info about whoever is renting me server on a website that I'm gonna host there (still in the making, non-profit intention).


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    No, you won't get it cheaper. For a reason.

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