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Thread: AWBS new user.

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    AWBS new user.

    I've just changed over to AWBS from whois.crt after many years, the main reason I've moved is the lack of movement from Seaven consulting and the lack of features whois.cart has.

    I see very little talk of AWBS on the forums, why is that? after looking at the system for a few weeks I find it feature packed, my customers have all stated they much prefer the new account features and find it much easier to manage their accounts.

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    We use on two different websites (one for domain-only sales, the other for hosting and domains), and it works great. We've been using it for almost 7 years...

    Very good software.

    I have no idea why more people don't use it. I think it's probably because it is not a very "good looking" software. It certainly isn't because it's missing any features, since it has more features then just about every other billing software.

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    It only looks ugly if you don't bother to edit or make a nice looking template for it, see very few sits that offer templates for it, unless you know of a few?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    I have no idea why more people don't use it.
    One of the reasons is customization of it is very hard. There are many template files that will modify. So most AWBS users don't struggle to modify these files and their web sites look like one another Also it's portal based software. But if you have free times and have knowledge about html/php to customize it or if you can use their bad templates when this won't a problem.
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