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    Tagadab 4 Month Review

    We've just finished using our VPS with Tagadab and would really recommend them to anyone looking for a UK based VPS. All support tickets were addressed promptly and our server (Win 2k8, 512MB RAM, 20GB HDD) was always performing and a good speed. When we had a problem with Apache on it, which seemed to limit download speeds to about 20% of what was possible, they helped us fix it, which was found out to be one of the modules.
    Their control panel is also very good, with easy to manage VPS, and adding IP addresses was also very easy.
    The only reason we moved away is because we decided to go for a dedicated with RackSrv, and hopefully I can be writing the same about them in a few months here.

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    Good to hear you were happy with them. Your site bares quite a resemblance to theirs. Did they let you do that?

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    Our theme was actually based on the Drupal theme although looking at it now it does look similar to tagadab. I may change the blocks on the homepage as they do look quite similar.

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    Glad to hear they have been providing you a nice hosting experience. Come back after a couple of months to update us again. Hope your experience stays the same in future also.

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    Glad to see you happy with your host. Thanks for the review. Keep us updating further experience.

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