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    Question FTP issues with Ipower - Should I consider shift to a dedicated server? Shift host?


    My host is ipower - I start facing issues with FTP (Incredible slow, freezes or shows the error icon) - Things were working ok till a few weeks ago..

    Uploading files to other hosts I use works well - Fast - problem free - So I know that it is an issue with ipower, not my settings or FTP program (cuteFTP)

    I contacted Ipower - they replied that things are fine on their side - Followed up - still waiting for reply from them.

    I use around 10GB storage + and used 300GB bandwisth so far this month

    I have around 1000 visits/day 2000 page views/day a few blogs on the site + around 40'000 MP3 audios downloads/month (podcasts on specific life topics) + some videos + forums

    With these FTP problems + my bandwidth usage I was wondering if I should consider shifting to a dedicated server.

    Technically, I know nothing about dedicated servers and I would be happy to stay with the shared hosting plan I have now as the site works well overall the way it is now. I don't want to complicate things if not needed.

    But if a dedicated server is DEFINITELY the way to go, I am happy to learn what I need and make the shift.

    Should I shift to a dedicated server?

    Ideas what to do with this FTP issue?

    Is my bandwidth usage normal or too high for shared hosting?

    Should I simply shift to another host?

    Will another host offer better service?

    Any insights?

    I need some fresh ideas on that one! My work is on hold right now with this FTP issue.

    Thanks for your input! Appreciated!
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    I assume that not dedicated but VPS server would be fine for you
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    I agree with rumsfo - you should perhaps consider a VPS but it would depend very much on where you want your stuff hosted in comparison to your sites' visitors - e.g. a high-end VPS in the USA would most likely, comparing the prices, would work out almost the same as, if not a little cheaper then a dedicated server. Again, you would have to look at managing a dedicated server in terms of operating system updates, security (similar to a VPS).

    So, there are a number of considerations, but if you can afford it, in the longer term, a dedicated server is always preferred - due to the fact that ALL the resources are basically at your disposal for serving your files, and site, and also, it is a more secured environment at the end of the day to put it simply.
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    If you decide to go for VPS or a dedicated server, make sure it's a fully managed one, so you get to use it pretty much like you did your shared hosting so far.

    If you're willing to risk it, you could try another budget host and see if things go better there. File downloads don't put much of a load on a server, but make sure you read the terms carefully, as there may be other limits or clauses in place that you could find to be incompatible with your site. That could lead to your account being suspended.

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    Maybe you should try to contact them regarding this issue.

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    I've noticed a lot of customers complain about the ipower and startlogic brands in terms of speed. You might be better of finding another provider first before moving off to a VPS/Dedicated server.
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    Thanks for your input everyone! - I'll keep your suggestions in mind when making a final decision

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