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    Question Sever Optimization help need!

    Sever Optimization help need!

    my server configuration is below:

    CPU: 1x Intel Quad Core Xeon L5410 / 12MB
    RAM: 8GB DDR2
    Harddisk: 24 x 1000GB SATA II + 2 x 80GB (OS)
    Hardware RAID: No RAID
    Volume Connectivity: 250 Mbps Unmetered bandwidth
    Uplink Port: 1 x 1000Mbps Full-Duplex
    IP: 8
    OS: CentOS

    I run here free file hosting site.

    but it show continuously internal server error. also site come slow.

    please help me about to httpd and myslq configuration and optimization.


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    If you use the search box here in WHT, you may be able to find plenty of tutorials on how to optimize it but please note that this will depend on server specs configuration.
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    but i am confuse about that, which one is best for me...
    and their configuration is not match as mine..

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    For mysqld, try mysqltuner script. It good to me.
    For Apache, you should google.

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    Can you give some more details of your architecture? Are you using PHP scripts, for example? Was it a custom-written thing, or an existing script? It's really hard to give advice without knowing more about your setup -- it could be anything from Apache or MySQL being misconfigured to slow disk access to a badly-written PHP script.

    How are you using the disks? Do you have them formatted as one big 24TB filesystem? It seems odd that you'd have 24 hard drives with no RAID of any sort.

    How comfortable are you with Linux? Could you paste the output of the command "top -bn1 | head -n20" (Which just shows the top 20 lines of the top command in a copy-and-pastable format.)

    If you're getting Internal Server Errors, you might try looking through the Apache error log. (/var/log/httpd/error_log if you haven't customized it, I think.)

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    If you are not really sure of what to optimise, might I suggest going to a server management company and get them to optimise the server for you. Its a small price to pay for such an expensive server you have and without any detalis of what you need, we can't help you definitely.

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    I HIGHLY recommend you taking a look at Then provide management services, and will optimize your server for only $29.00/per month as part of their management package.

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