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    reseller package with free soholaunch pro

    Hi, my boss has sent me to look for a reseller host that offers soholaunch pro for multiple domains (not the 3 month trial) included in the package price. As we currently run about 20 or so sites that were all created through soho, and he is not happy with his current host (gator), so would therefore like to transfer them into another host running soho. It's not looking to me that any of the reputable companies are offering this. This is all pretty new to me as I mainly do all the busy work and don't deal with these sorts of things. Any help would be appreciated. It's nice to find a forum that isn't one big sales pitch, offering multiple viewpoints.

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    Maybe for the company that would be better to have VPS instead?
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    i dont know y ur boss isnthappy. i think host gator r good hosts. but its his view i dont think it would b so

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    HostGator already offers the SohoLaunch trial on their accounts. If you already have all these sites with HostGator using Soholaunch, don't you think it would be easier and cheaper to just upgrade your Soholaunch license instead of moving all your sites to another host?
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    From what I've heard, Hostgator is a good web host either for reseller or web hosting

    May I know why he is not happy with Host Gator?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hostdept-Gabrielle View Post
    From what I've heard, Hostgator is a good web host either for reseller or web hosting

    May I know why he is not happy with Host Gator?
    From what I gather, he wants the Soho Full Version, HostGator only offers a trial.

    Soho is great software, however it is a bit expensive to install in a smaller scale, I believe it is $100.00 per month per server (50 users). This would greatly increase the amount of your monthly hosting bill
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