I'm looking for some short work worth around $50.

I can do PHP/MySQL programming.

My work:
http://forums.fluidcore.com - I hand coded these forums.
http://www.woadcreations.com - PHP Based website. Dynamic.

Many people now a days are looking to merge 2 PHP applications with common user databases. Such as a login system for the website and a forum. I can do these easily for you for the above mentioned price.

I can make order forms which emails you the details in a nice HTML formated email and stores in the database if you want.

I can make a secure(no ssl though) login system and password protect your websites based on ranks and access levels..

I can do all that and more. Contact me in the following ways:
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
ICQ: 85544019
MSN: [email protected]
PM is fine also.

Payment via cheque or PayPal. I live in India so which ever suits you, will do.

Karan Sheth