Hello everyone.

My name is Michael and I am the owner of Host7000 Solutions. We are a small company dedicated to bringing people a simple, high-quality hosting package at a small price. All too often is hosting sold for way more than it's worth. And if that isn't bad enough, companies oversell their servers causing problems for their customers.

We believe in an old-fashioned way of operating a business: by providing great, honest products and delivering the best customer service we can!

If you purchase website hosting from us you will receive lightning fast 24/7/365 Support. That way, if something goes wrong or you need some help, you won't need to wait hours or even days like you will with most other companies.

There is another great feature we have that makes us different:
We carry only one standard hosting package that has been designed to accommodate most sites. However, if you realize that you need a little more resources than this package provides, we will edit your account at no extra charge. (This is possible through a unique 'buffering system' we implement which means we store a certain level of resources aside so that they may be allocated as we see fit, and we don't need to oversell.)

If you still see that the package isn't working for you, we'll design a custom package to meet your needs!

Let's talk more about what we offer:

Disk Space: 1 GB (For the next 3 people I'll upgrade that to 3 GB of Disk Space - just let me know when you purchase a plan.)
Data Transfer: 15 GB
Control Panel: cPanel w/ Fantastico Deluxe, RVSkin & WHMSonic (Unfamiliar with Fantastico Deluxe? It's a program that allows you to install all kinds of software with just a few clicks. Take a look at their site.)
Unlimited Features: Emails, FTP, Sub-Domains Add-On Domains & More
Support: 24/7/365 Lightning Fast Support!

And, of course, the prices:

$3.50 USD Monthly
$10.00 USD Quarterly (About 50 cents off.)
$38.00 USD Annually (1 month free.)

How can we afford such cheap prices? Well we have done the right amount of research to ensure our hardware is the best, most efficient available. This keeps things running smoothly and your costs down. Furthermore, the packages are slightly cheaper than normal because we are looking to fill a few slots quickly.

We also include the opportunity to buy, transfer and renew domains directly through us at a discounted price!

Now, onto the fun part:
You can purchase our hosting plan here. Our public site (you know, the fancy stuff with pictures and text) is currently down because we're designing a whole new layout. Everything is accessible in the billing and client area and such. You'll see what I mean when you click the link.

Note: Your hosting is setup INSTANTLY upon payment. The server will automatically process your order then setup and configure your site. You will receive some e-mails will all of the information you need to get started. There is no waiting, no time wasting...

Still a little skeptical? You've probably seen these people selling you unlimited everything for a dollar a month or something to that effect. How do you think they do it? Do you think they install new software and upgrade bandwidth capabilities everytime they need more? Nope. They do a shifty tactic known as overselling. This means that they sell the same space multiple times in the hopes that no one uses a lot of resources. Pretty bad, huh? We never oversell. Once our slots are filled - they're filled.

So go ahead, try us out. You won't regret it. I'm so confident of that, that I'll give you a seven (7) day money-back guarantee. That means if you're not completely satisfied, I will refund your money. No questions asked. No hassling. A pure refund, plain and simple.

Questions? Just let me know.

Edit: Forgot to mention. Server is secured with a firewall and anti-virus program. It is also set to keep backups of data so your site is safe.