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    * My Bad and current experince with

    So had a really good ad going. Of course being a new user just like me on WHT but a long time follower things were a list risky for me as a buyer.

    But I paid with Paypal knowing there great for protecting my self but also not as much as a seller like But for this reason I decided to give them a shot..

    The deal was insane but he said its new promotion start of the company blah blah limited time and it sounded really good..

    After talking he told me about 30 day money back and the works you know even told me right off after the first month of $45 it will be $53 if I recalled correctly as it's a 1 month discount or something.

    From the sounds of it he was a reseller I guess but why not you back up your data and support a small company that may grow into a big company and heck maybe they will offer you special things in the future.

    Many people were making negative comments about it and his web site has been down a ton including his emails..

    But guess what! I decided to give it a go and send the money and boy now I feel like the story is you get what you pay for is really true..

    I'm just going copy some info including tonight's MSN chat log and yes he is not verified and not sure why hes not... But I still went for it... So am a an idiot yes.. Am I too trusting? yes... But I wanted to help my self and also help someone else out..

    Order Time: Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 9:48 PM EST
    Ordered: Dedicated Two!
    Seller Profile:

    Please also note he is suspended on the forums I think after creating a new user and posting on with it since that post is missing and he is now suspended. Silly amateur move why not get a real customer to post.

    MSN Log: (Only for the last chat we had tonight when things blew up)

    View your entire conversation history with this contact

    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) said:
    Centos is being installed they say
    Kane - said:
    cool and who sets the cp up you or them?
    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) said:
    They do. I'm just a techie
    Tech support
    Kane - said:
    hehe nice yeah I got that part
    Good to hear that then. I'm so happy tonight I will pull an all nighter
    prob be another hour or 2
    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) said:
    We'll see. Probably tomorrow, as we buy our cPanel licence's from a reseller, and it might take a while
    Kane - said:
    uhh I can't really take no more delays no offence hehe. it's the weekend I told my partner if its past friday I will ask for a refund. I have not seen anything good yet and I felt unsafe the whole time.

    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) says:
    What do you want us to do about it? It's the reseller, not us. And sorry, we don't do "Refunds"
    Kane - says:
    well if I'm not satisfied with the services I will get my money back. Thats not really up to you.
    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) says:
    Sorry that you think this way. But we don't do refunds. I can assure you will be satisfied with the servers tho !
    Kane - says:
    well you said yesterday "We have a 30 day money back guarantee"
    or wait that was 2 days ago
    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) says:
    you must be mistaken. We do no Refunds. But you will be satisfied!
    Kane - says:
    I'm not though. You told me also "Depending on our que. Probably about 12-24 hours depending how many techs we have on, and in magor cases 34 hours" so I'm going to be a major case? lol
    Hey if I get it im happy but if this drags on more I do a charge back. I'm not here to rob and hurt you but im a man of time right now and I will move on. I also don't think it's good to act the way you are as your now susspended on wht and its going be your prime ad space
    anymore issues and it could end up perm banned. Risking your company.
    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) says:
    Sorry, but if you do charge back you wont win. We stated to you we dont do refunds once the server is started to being built;
    Any more questions?
    Kane - says:
    nope but at midnight if I don't get a update I will start the proccess. If you provide a server by the or before the proccess is complate I will withdraw my claims.
    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) says:
    Well since you have threatened us with claims, I guess you wont be getting a server.
    Good bye
    Have fun trying to win the dispute!
    We said, no refund
    We said, Dont open claims, we'll cancel your server.
    So, will you stop all this mate?
    Kane - says:
    Like I said your wrong. I paid visa also used paypal with buyer protection... I mean there is no way you can win if paypal declines I just call visa no questions asked. But at this point your acting like a kid who is a scammer. More to my point of why I'm considering it. I don't want to be hosted by a company that has not working site that said be up in a few hours and days later saying were
    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) says:
    You ordered last night Sir!
    What is Visa going to do? LOL.
    Kane - says:
    moving servers to now your threating me with this crap.. I mean its going to scar your company for good. What side do you want to choose? the refund we both win and no refund I win you lost.
    I pay 50 cents a month for protection that lets me do charge backs 3 times a year... so well a lot...
    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) says:
    Kane - says:
    I'm now going to state my request for a refund and at this point if the answer is no I'm making this not only a paypal dispute but also will be making this a public matter. I feel that your business is to young and you have no experince yet. You have had a susspended WHT account today and things keep pilling up for you.
    [email protected] (E-mail address not verified) says:
    Pitts is gonna win!

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    At least your learned the "you get what you pay for" thing :-)

    What kind of server is the 53 dollars by the way?
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    Wow, it's shocking! I just don't understand how people can setup shop with such lack of professionalism. Get the charge back process kicked off and run!

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    Wow, best of luck with your next provider. I hope you have learned your lesson and best of luck on your chargeback. Seems like a little kid in my opinion or an adult who isn't professional.

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    thanks guys the server was I think a 2.5ghz xeon's x2 with 4 gigs of ram and 300 or 500 gig hd with cpanel..

    I bet it could have been real even but heck I mean he wanted it to fail big time..

    His post was removed he keeps calling me random names out of no where.. I just ignore him but after not talking for a while he just yells out beep sucker.. I mean grrr I wish there was like a law that you have to be 18 or something to sell things on the internet.

    I'm trying to find a new hosting company now without luck yet. I really needed something asap at a good cost but I may have to go to vps again. But after what happen with fsck I'm sort of dead in a ditch.

    Thanks for your kind supporting words guys and gurls!

    EDIT: Added a screenshot of msn have not even talked to him I guess he is reading his thread.

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    There are plenty of great VPS providers. I'd just recommend avoiding the the $9.95/per month market of VPS, as its been proven that its not safe. I personally feel that a VPS, although shouldn't be priced at the same level of a dedicated, should be priced higher then $9.95. A VPS is simply worth more the $9.95/per month, and that's all I have to say about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glinoth View Post
    you have to be 18 or something to sell things on the internet.
    It should be more like "if they are professional let them."

    LiquidWeb IIRC was started by a 16 yr old

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    I guess that is true. I forgot I had this dreamhost account for a year for 20 bucks. I might as well use it and of course run backups of it every few days till I settle in and maybe keep them..

    But I still need to find a VPS or a Dedicated server with 2-3gigs ram I really would like 3 for expansion and like 50gigs of space and a 2tb bandwidth maybe little less like 1.5...

    Sucks since I don't need a ton of resources but oh well.

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    Wow ... that screen shot. Wow.

    There are a number of other providers out there that will fit your budget. Select a few and do a quick search here on WHT; you'll find some that are reputable.
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    And I was actually considering them the other day for a offsite/monitoring box.

    Oh my...

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    these small bussines mostly have fake gaurentees i think. But not all. all suffer due to few such. now i think u will never trust anyor may be

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    Sorry to hear it Idiots like the guy at give all new start-ups a bad name.

    Hope you win the chargeback swiftly
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    It shows they are truly unprofessional by the screen shots provided by you.

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    I also figured I'd give it a try, since I only paid $23. While $23 isn't that big of a deal I'd rather not give this moron my money.

    Would a PayPal chargeback work since no server was delivered?

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    And now out of the blue I get an MSN from him asking if I want to buy a server and if I want to play darts with him

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