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    Domain purchase mediator?


    I have a client that has his heart set on a particular domain. However, that domain is registered with a company in the Netherlands. They don't appear to be using it (at least not for web stuff), and yet I can't get a response regarding possibly selling it. My client is willing to pay decent money for the domain, but I'm stuck in two regards:

    a) I don't speak/write Dutch (and Google Translate can only help so much)
    b) I don't know how best to proceed when I'm getting no response at all.

    So I'm wondering: are there any people or companies that offer a mediation-to-buy service? I (or rather, my client) would definitely pay someone a fee for helping to contact the domain owner and negotiate a purchase agreement.

    Any pointers?



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    If the domain isn't listed as "for sale", and the registrant isn't replying to your e-mails, he/she may not be willing to sell it.
    I may be wrong, but I don't believe such a service exists.
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    I only know of 2 options:
    1. be patient & keep trying to make contact, if emails not responding, try snail mail, phone, fax. But you are in the dark, the owner may be on a long holiday, dead, in prison, ill etc. you simply do not know.
    2. Suggest an alternative that is available, ie instead of you could have,,, etc, or look at alternative tlds, ie etc

    might help if you could tell us which reg. co. is the domain with.

    just a couple of quick thoughts.
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    Yeah... but if I got an "I'm not interested" response that would help. No response might mean they aren't interested, but it might mean they aren't getting my emails at all. Or that the language barrier is in the way. That's why I wish there were a mediator service.

    Brian, I hear ya. We are trying all sorts of other combinations. We'll see what happens.

    The registrar is:
    Current Registrar: PSI-USA, INC. DBA DOMAIN ROBOT

    But the hosting company and the owner are both in .nl (Netherlands, I believe).

    Ahh well, I'll keep trying.


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    There are plenty of domain brokers that could be utilized to facilitate a sale. You could try and locate a domain broker that speaks Dutch. However, they can be kind of expensive.

    If you hired a broker, then could attempt to call the registrant on your behalf rather than just trying email.

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    Well.. there's really not much you can do.

    If you've tried contacting them by email and phone.. and they do not reply.. then perhaps they are just not interested to sell the domain name.

    The only other solution I can think would be to hire someone who lives near the physical address in the WHOIS, and get them to visit the domain owner to see if they can ask to buy the domain in person.

    In other words, if you walk up to a store and look at it.. all the doors are locked, the lights are out and nobody is around... the odds are very high that the store is closed and you will not buy anything.

    This is the same. If nobody is interested to sell you something, then they will simply ignore you.
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