I could sit here and write an entire screen full of text that you won't read, or I can make it simple - just like our VPS's - and tell you what you get and how much you'll pay. This is how we run our company, and this is why you should go with us.

Right now, we are including cPanel for free on the following server:

1024MB RAM
30 GB RAID 10 SAS Protected Disk Space
1 Gigabit virtual NIC - each node is connected via dual gigabit NIC's.
1000 GB High Quality bandwidth (Click link in my sig for speed test)
VMWare Based
Location: Chicago
Windows Server 2008 Web Edition + $15/month (Obviously no cPanel included here)
Any Linux Distro can be installed on these.
Price: $50/month.

To order, please e-mail [email protected] or contact me via MSN: [email protected]

Thanks for looking!