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    Lightbulb Bad Host:

    This forum has helped me choose four great web hosts, so I thought I'd give some info. back :-)

    A word of warning about a bad hosting company: Since they took over my account (JaguarPC bought Aletia this year) I have had nothing but trouble... Scripts spontaneously becoming corrupt multiple times... Some of which I can fix, however for those that I can't JaguarPC's support service has been slow and is amateur when they do get around to replying.

    My advice: Steer well clear of this shower. You can do much better for less money.... Such as and Both of which I used (5DollarHosting for 3 trouble free years) and can recommend... low prices, quality support while site trouble and downtime is very rare.

    Just FYI ;-)


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    Sorry to hear that.
    It is quite expected to face troubles when a host is aquired by another host although there is often no problem at all.

    However, as a nearing 2 years old customer of JaguarPC, I can't say they are bad, and I won't say they are perfect,either.
    I've faced considerable amount of mySQL database problems in the past but these things happen.
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