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    mail server for notification message.

    i have just start my own dedicated server for two weeks, after some system migration, i expect the hosting will provide mail server for customer to send system notifications.
    but the hosting finally didn't provide, my OS is windows 2003 R2, could you give me advice?
    it's many problem to setup a mail server(money, spam...etc.).


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    What kind of system notifications are you expecting? If you have IIS, it has built-in SMTP server which can be used for sending system notifications.
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    thanks for your information.
    i have install SMTP in IIS, my system is running xoops php site, when user registered, PM, subscribe, system will send email notifications to admin or users.

    i am not sure is it security enough, server is behind firewall without port 25 mapping, access relay/connection control only allow local ip.

    thanks for any suggestion.

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