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    Question Billing Systems

    Hello All I looking for a credit card processer that can do billing on a monthy reccuring basis, 3 monthly and 6 monthly, 12 monthly. As per the different plans I sell. The manual process is starting to get away on me.

    I would rather the company had 2 options
    1/ The payment is automatically charged to the clients card

    2/ A screen where captured credit card data can be entered

    Of course I don't want to pay an arm and a leg in transaction fees or commissions and the service must be excellent. They must deal internationally as I am from outside the U S
    Any ideas appreciated.

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    We are using
    They are pretty good. Have a look.

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    I believe Modern Bill can do all those recurring payment options. That is what I plan on using.
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    most of the third party processors will do what you are looking for, to my knowledge modernbill only handles recurring payments in a half decent fashion if using authorizenet (full merchant account) it certainly doesn't work with worldpays recurring billing and not even sure it works with 2checkout.

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