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    Resolution Problem

    I just bought a nice new laptop which unlike any other machine I've ever worked on, it uses 1240x786 (Or something to that effect) resolution. I certainly prefer 800x600, especially for design work as I find that is the most popular resolution. However, every time I try to change it 800x600 it throws a wobbler, making everything look blocky.

    Is there anything I can do to get it to work in a lower res., or something to ensure that any sites I design work nicely with 800x600 without that infernal horizontal scrollbar?

    Any help appreciated, thanks.

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    When you design you can make sure the window you preview the page in is set to 800x600. And when creating new images in Photoshop or similar, make sure the size of the image isn't larger than that.
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    most laptop screens are designed to run at 1024x768

    its a typical problem you will always notice if you run a laptop at any other resolution that its designed for.

    you could try plugging the laptop into a monitor, that should appear ok. - Fast Professional UK Web Hosting

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