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    VPS in dedicated server , how ?please help

    I have one Dedicated server , with Centos 5 and Cpanel . I want with *a magic way* to have and some vps 4 -5 in the same server ,
    So my question is how i can install a vps in this server and also i am wondering if it any GNU vps software for my server also.

    Thank you for your answers

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    You could use Parallels Containers (commercial), OpenVZ (open source/free), or Xen. I would guess that Xen would be the least intrusive way to go considering you have cPanel already installed/running on the server.
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    thank you xlhost for your answer

    I will wait and the other people mind and i will test both of your suggestion in this weekend ,

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    Basically your going to need some new kernel that support vps's.

    There are generally two well supported options OpenVZ or Xen.

    Personal use I would normally go with OpenVZ just like it more although some things like VPN will need to use Xen as they don't work without modified OpenVZ kernals.

    If its for reselling the vps's you will also have to look into some kind of control panel, some good discussions in the vps section at the moment about them.
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