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    Question Layer Mask for Rounded edges?

    Okay. I have an image that I want rounded edges on that rests within a DIV. Is it possible to code some sort of layer mask that will take the image and add rounded transparent corners to it? similar to how a "layer mask" would in Photoshop?

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    Even if possible, it sounds far more complicated to code than to simply do in Photoshop. That being said, why not make an image with the look you want (bg color at the edges, transparent in the center) and have that as the image in the div, with the other image as the background of the div?
    Use the "mask" image as an overlay?
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    i'll suggest you to make the round corners image in photoshop and then save it as .png so that it will have transparent background and by using CSS you can apply class to the div's

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