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    Do I need to "unlock" a domain held by netsol before transferring it out?

    Does netsol use the locking feature found with many registrars? I have a client who wants to transfer his domain out from them, and I want to make sure the transfer will work the FIRST time..

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    from my experience, usually you would have to unlock it first (IE: pay another years worth of registration)

    thats why i always recommend to my customers to do transfers within the last 90 to 60 days from expiration, but never inside the last 30 days of a domain registration

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    Work for the FIRST time

    >mrzippy: I want to make sure the transfer will work the FIRST time..

    Having done literally HUNDREDS of ownership/registrar transfers in the past few years, I never expect any transfer AWAY from NetSol to work the first time. Not that you have done any less or wrong, it's NOT your fault anyway. Good luck.
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    Sometimes I think it has become NetSol's policy to deny any first transfer attempt hoping some will give up and renew it with them.
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    Our NetSol average is three transfer attempts before a success.

    This is AVERAGE.

    We do hundreds a month...

    This means some go the first time, and some take 5,6,7,8 transfers with phone calls to support, emails, changing of admin email addresses so that we can confirm for the client, etc.

    We run into a few each month that simply will not happen within the time remaining before the domain expires. Most of the time our customers are understanding about this - they have to renew, wait 45 days, then transfer again. We'll initiate the transfer on their behalf after the 45 days goes by, but that of course requires us to track these domains in a tickler file and act on them.

    We have 20-30 domains in the "NetSol tracking" queue at any one time, monitoring confirmation email receipt, registry responses, etc. It is definately a pain.

    NetSol costs us money every month in transfers. It's unbelievable how difficult they are to work with.

    Best of luck,

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    Yep, at GD we experience the same exact thing. They want you to become frustrated and give thing to do is to verify your expiration date (not within 30 days), check your admin email and prey to the registry gods that the confirmation from them will make it to you.

    I don't recall seeing a lock feature with Verisign......

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    Sometimes I think it has become NetSol's policy to deny any first transfer attempt hoping some will give up and renew it with them.
    I think you are right, they reject transfers for no valid reason at all sometimes.

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    I think you should not have a problem now unlike previously where they complicate matters and ask you to confirm and reply certain forms and most of the time it's fill in incorrectly and causing the transfer to be rejected. But with their new system it should be easier as this customer already has a username(login account) and password to login to his control panel with netsol, so I guess it's better to first get a username/password for the particular domain name before effecting the transfer .

    I just did a transfer a few days ago for one of my web design client without any problems who already has a username/password and was not subject to the usual transfer forms to reply to them. Only whether you Agree/Disagree email from them and just tick the appropriate box and SUBMIT. That's all to it.

    Dear Valued VeriSign(r) Customer:

    The Registrar Transfer Request for:

    Domain Name: ANONYMOUS.COM
    Requesting Registrar: Tucows, Inc.
    Current Registrar: Network Solutions, Inc.

    has been approved. Though we're sorry to see you go, we've sent the
    transfer command to the registry as you've requested.

    We've enjoyed serving you. If for any reason you are not completely
    satisfied with your new registrar, please consider us again. We are constantly
    improving our services and expanding our offerings.

    Switching back is easy! Bookmark this web address for your future use.

    Best Regards,

    VeriSign, Inc.
    Change of Registrar Group

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