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    ensim: installing mysql max 4.X.X --?

    Anyone know how to install mysql max 4.X.X on an ensim server? my server depends on mysql, and has currently over 5000 tables. and its going to tripple within days.

    I need to get this installed asap. However, I would first like to install a copy for testing, then when done testing, install a final copy and point php to it.

    I do not want to just install it, because Ensim is very easy to Break.

    Has anyone done this before or know how to do it? Or even seen an article on how to do it?

    Thanks in advance, all help is greatly appreciated!!!

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    This would go better in the technical forum.. also what is mysql "max" are you just trying to do a dump from one host to another or something?

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    k thanks. mysql max is a faster version of mysql that supports more tables and is used for more users. its like a mini-oracle i guess.

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