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    0 - Looking for Feedback

    Hello Everyone,

    We recently did a major update to our new meta search engine, An array of new features were added along with a bit of design change. ZapMeta has been in beta for almost four months and before we go official. We would like to have your input on these major factors.

    1. Speed - Fast? Average? Slow?
    What do you think of ZapMeta's speed comparing to other meta search engines?

    2. Advanced Search and Preferences - Useful or Useless?
    We wanted users to have more ability than just being able to select the number of results per page, timout value, or the sources they want to search. Preferences were made to work in conjunction with advanced search. In other words, if you change a value in preferences, it will also be reflected in advanced search if the value
    is present.

    3. Design - Visually appealing or overloaded with graphics?
    What do you think of our effort in trying to put some distinction between ZapMeta's design and the plain html design of most search engines? A plain html version without any graphics is on the way for those who prefer a simple interface or on a slow connection

    4. Result Relevancy - On the mark or not close at all?
    We wanted ZapMeta to return relevant results, so paid-per-performance links will never be included in the actual results (unless selected in preferences). Along with our simple but yet smart algorithm, ZapMeta is able to produce very precise results. Or at least that's what we think, let us know your thoughts.

    Anything you dislike or like? Please let us know, all feedback, comments, and/or suggestions are highly appreciated.


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    The front page looks nice, though I think the 'search' button is a bit too fancy, and is a little hard to read. I'm not a fan of the results page, it's rather heavy. It's a search engine, you only need something simple - heck, look at Google. Good to hear a simple/plain text version is on its way.

    Page loads are quick, not really comparable to Google, but fast enough.
    Andrew Walenczykiewicz

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    I love THIS desing!

    GREATE! keep up the good work!

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    The front page is descent, but your tech scheme doesn't seem to fit. Looking at your logo, it looks more free form with bold text, but then the search button and your tabs on the results page are all techy. I think a lot of people that want a "simple" search engine will be turned off by the techy tabs, thinking it's more for tech people. The results page is very cramped. The description, header, links, everything seems too close. Maybe tab some of the info in a bit, or lighten some text, not sure. But it needs to be more readable.
    Kevin Hauge
    Modern Leaf Design

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    Speed is about average, however, compared to the other SE's, it seems relatively slower.

    For metasearch engines, I mostly prefer being able to choose which engines I want (without going to Advanced Search), since there are some engines that are very incompetent in accuracy. As for accurate descriptions, the descriptions are very misleading and there are many incomplete fragments here and there.

    On the MP3 search, I believe you could be a bit more original in the Sponsored Listing, rather than emulating off Google.

    I do like that "Preview" feature, it's very useful. It may be even better if you could have a 'maximize' feature, which maximizes the length and width of the preview box a bit more.

    Also, it's standard that you link your logo to the main page.

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    NetXL and AboveCenter,

    At the beginning, we had a big debate over which design we should go with. After going over all options, the graphic design came out on top for a few reasons.

    Due to the competition in the search engine market, we realized one way of getting attention is be different. The solution was to create an attractive design that put some distinction between what people normally see in search engines. In ZapMeta's early stage, our main intention for the design was to catch visitors' attention. Once we become more popular, the graphics will probably be gone and become more of a traditional search engine design. Our plan has actually worked, a few people mentioned in other forums that the main reason they used ZapMeta was because of the design. However, we do realize our design will most likely attract the younger generation and may drive away the older ones.

    Actually, you guys are the very few that does not like the design, including feedback from other forums. However, we do understand your point and that is why we are working on a text version.


    What you probably saw was a description from Alltheweb results. They don't actually display the meta description of a site. But rather display the text on a web page. We will keep this in mind and not display Alltheweb descriptions.

    As for the Sponsor Listing, many search engines have already emulated google on how they list them on the side, including lycos, hotbot, and altavista.

    Thanks for the idea about maximize feature, we will keep it in mind.

    The top part of our logo is linked to the main site, looks like we forgot to do the bottom.

    Thank you for all the feedback so far, keep them coming.

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