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    I found anouther site by this person :

    I like this one two, this guy should make a portfolio!!!

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    And the point of it using Flash was...?

    The nav bar looks awkward compared to the mass of links on the main page. Looks like two concepts brought together. Doesn't need to have a nav bar to a page filled with links to the same.

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    Well one and I say this about all websites, I hate music on websites, I just cannot handle it, I think it is rude to teh veiwer if there is musci cuz it blooks at the music we are lsitin to, if you are goin to use music use a stop button...

    It really didnt grab my eye, maybe use some overs for the buttons, or maybe a java script could do the trick

    Also I dont really like the navagtion aminal comin out of the side...

    I think the navagation really needs some work, but could be good with some couple of hours or so put into it...and i really dont see why the navagtion on the left is on flash, and it goes of the screen, makin a scroll bar, I think that ruins it too..

    Well those are my honest opinion...

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    There was music? Never have my speakers on when surfing. Music on web pages is just a way of wantonly slowing loading - unless it's specifically a music site.

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    * Sorry

    Sorry about the navigation to the left, it was put on by the previous webmaster. He uses only frontpage, so it messed the side up. The music is a look and is only like 20 kb's, so it doesn't take up very much space, unless you have an atari 10 mhz computer and a 14.4 modem line it should effect the download time. The flash navigation is a simple but pro looking design. No Java Script here and no fancy mouse over here, just plain buttons for a simple clean design.

    Exasko, sorry about the music, since I started web design I liked the sites that had cool audio, its one of my favorite parts of an interactive site. Perhaps you can play your songs in a diffent media device so it won't interupt your music. I use the updated window's media player and it never interupts.

    Ok Guys,
    Take care and have fun coding!

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    Its not that in interups my music that makes me hate music on websites, but if I am listening to my song, I do not need another song playin at the same time it makes it harder to hear and undertstand my song if there is on playin on a website

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    I like this one two, this guy should make a portfolio!!!
    Do you have split-personalities? You do know that it is overly obvious you created the site.

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