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    A Programming Job

    Ok I'm looking to have a script made for me that includes the
    following (see below). There are 2 seperate scripts that need to
    be made, but they are similar in nature.

    Script 1:

    I'm after a script similar to:


    1) The script would use some kind of database (not mysql
    though), probably text based where I could enter the data by
    hand. It can be written in any language (perl/php/c)

    2) The database would contain tab delimeted columns containing
    the data. E.g. url | categ | descp | thumb | etc | - I will specify the
    number and description later (no more than 6).

    3) The script would then run every 24 hours, and update the
    output file (i.e. include.html). It would need to be template driven,
    so I would have a file (i.e. include_template.html) where I would
    have the fields <url1> <url2> <url3> <thumb1> <thumb2>
    <category1> <category2>, etc. I would need to have the option
    of outputting 35 results each day.

    4) The script needs to be completely random in it's picking of
    galleries. However there need to be some constraints. If a gallery
    has been already chosen once in the past two runs, it will be
    skipped (therefore some sort of temp file will need to be setup).

    That's it

    Script 2:

    Script two uses the same database as script one, however it
    extracts only the <url> field from the database. This script needs
    to be written in a FAST language such as C. When someone calls
    the url "" it will randomly
    redirect the user to a url from the database in the "babes
    category" ("category" being the second field in the database).

    The script should not send the same IP (visitor) to the same URL
    twice in any 24 hour period (unless we run out of galleries). Also,
    the script should be able to count the number of clicks per day,
    per months, etc.

    ..And that's it!

    Please submit independent quotes for part 1 & 2

    Please email me your quotes/idea to: gman AT or
    simply reply to this thread.


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    Are you still looking for an individual to participate in the development of this project? If so, I would like to request additional information. In addition to any other project details that were not apparent from your post, could you also please provide the deadline dates for the development work, if any? Additionally, do you have a specific budget for this project? I would be happy to provide you with a formal project proposal outlining the specific costs for the project. In order to provide as accurate a proposal as possible, any additional details that you could provide would be very helpful.

    If you are interested in having a formal project proposal prepared, please contact me at [email protected]. I am certain that I have the necessary experience to provide you with a satisfactory product. If you would like specific details of my experience, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Robert Shedd
    [email protected]

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    Thanks guys.

    At the moment I'm just looking for a ball park figure, and then I'll make a move from there. No deadline as such, however I believe that a week or so is a fair enough period of time for such a project.


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    Sounds like it's for a porno site. Well, I don't do that kind of work, but others may.

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