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    Question CPanel5 Sub-domain ftp / folder ftp how?

    let say my top-level domain is =

    1: how i create sub-domain ftp?
    1st i create subdomain, i go to ftp, add the name same as my subdomain, correct?

    2: how i create folder ftp?
    i go create ftp account with the folder name as i want, correct?

    3: if i have sub-domain same name as my folder ftp, how?
    if i already have as my sub domain, can i still create test as my folder ftp? if yes how?

    urgent help pls...
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    I am a little confused but here goes. (public_html) (subdomain or actual name is created in public_html by cPanel)

    I copied and pasted this from cPanel: "Note: If you wish to grant virtual ftp access to this subdomain, just create a ftp user with the same username as the subdomain base name that is listed inside the (). "

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    I got my answer now, actually create sub domain is same as creating web user.
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