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    ICANN rules question? Anonymous nameservers not allowed????

    Think of the junk mail and the telemarketers. I don't know if this is true. Allot of people do not put real information on there. Anybody know for a fact that I must give a real address and phone number?

    I'm too lazy to go searching right now for the answer.

    I'll go ahead and change it to keep my domain name that host many other sites shut off by namecheap.

    This is kindof wierd. Namecheap, the enom reseller, has a bunch of domains. What's up with bugging me about mine? Something must have happend.


    Well then if it's used for any type of business, whomever it maybe you need to have an address, phone #, name, or you will be violated and prosecuted by the ICANN rules which state you must provide legit evidence and -- is not legit evidence. Sorry please make this update within 48 hours. Thanks!

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    The contact information is correct. There is not an address. The domain name,, is used for name servers for a web hosting server which many web hosting resellers need to give to their clients. Thus, nameservers must remain anonymous so that the resellers won't be discovered as being a reseller. The contact e-mail address listed is a real email address where an admin for the server can be contacted if there is something wrong with the server or if abuse such as spam is detected from originating from the server.

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    Please update your contact information for this domain immediately. Thanks!

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    I can't find the ICANN document, but see section 6 of NameCheap's policy:

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    Ok. Cool. Anyone know of a low cost domain registrar that doesn't care what I put in for the name, address, and phone number for the whois lookup?

    I have 29 domains with namecheap.

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    Go Daddy! only chargesd $8.95 per domain per year.

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    WOW! I have heard of people being prosecuted, but I think this is extreme:
    . . you will be violated and prosecuted
    Anyway, it is only by registering domains in your real name that make them yours. Fake info = non ownership.
    Quite frankly, if potential customers are savvy enough to do a whois, I should think finding fake info to be way worse than seeing another hosting company's name.
    Or you could offer your resellers their own nameservers like others do.
    Oh, and by the way, those are ICANN's rules, not just NameCheap. They will also apply at GoDaddy and every other registrar.
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    I wouldn't change registrars just because you have to go give your real info..
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    Its in your best interest to give the real information. If someone makes a claim to the domain or tries to transfer it, you of course will want to stop them. Your registrar will have you fax a copy of your drivers license along with another photo ID to match the address with the one you filled in. Or if you are a business, fax them over some letter head, as well as your tax forms.

    If you dont fill in the right address, it would be very involved to get your domain back, and sometimes you may not at all.

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    Godaddy also offers domain privacy, something I haven't seen others offering.
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    Sweet! They also have a reseller program which will save me money on my domains. Also I register a few domains per day on behalf of my customers. I could use this to make a little bit of extra cash.

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    Jeepers...they'll be busy chasing up all those without the correct details.

    GoDaddy could do well out of this.


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