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    need a managed server

    looking for managed web hosting must come with atleast 100gb of bandwidth php ssh mysql and with atleast a ds3 connection and with a 99% uptime must be allowed to run irc and bitchx and come with an packet filtering firewall with freebsd is perfferd but isnt required but must be eather that or redhat ill be willing to pay $100.00 per month with a $50.00 setup fee if a bigger price range is required ill be willing to pay nomore than $150.00 a month with no setup fee

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    Good luck finding that. You're buget is too low for any managed servers, and finding a host that allows IRC is even harder.

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    hmmmm.. that is going to be hard to find as Snoozy said, let me know if you do find something like that because I have a few people who would jump on an offer like that.
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