Early January I registered for moving my virtual domain to Telaweb.com which is managed by Crystal.Net, after they confirmed to waive setup fee and offered 100MB for $8.99 p/month. They also granting a 30day money back guarantee on their website.

After I never got any further information when and how my domain will be moved I have cancelled my subscription referring to the money back guarantee.

At this time Telaweb/Crystal.net already have charged my creditcard account for $251.88. ($107.88 for hosting and the remainder for setup fees)

My request for refund was to no avail, all my e-mails and faxletters to this fine company have not even been answered.

In the mean time I have learned in the Internet, That there are more people out there which got betrayed from this company in the very same manner. (see: http://perso.cybercable.fr/michele/telaweb/ )

Please inform me as soon as possible what I can do against this company.