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    RAQ550 and openwebmail strangeness

    I got a RAQ550 using openwebmail.

    The funny thing is that all emails sent to users go to the OpenWebMail Saved folder.

    There's a link from the user's mbox to the saved folder or file.

    Is this part of openwebmail and if so how do I turn it off?

    I want the incoming mail to go to the inbox instead of the Saved box??

    Thankx in advance.

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    Openwebmail uses /var/spool/username as the INBOX folder and
    ~username/mail/saved-messages as the Saved folder.

    Please check if the two above two files are either symbolic or hard lined together on your system.

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    Openwebmail uses /var/spool/mail but the RAQ550 uses ~username/mbox as the mail file.

    1. Creates the /var/spool/mail/username
    2. Creates file ~username/mail/saved-messages
    3. Makes ~username/mbox a symbolic link to ~username/mail/saved-messages
    4. New mail goes to the mbox which is the saved-message
    -- Users click on INBOX and no new message
    -- Users click on Saved then they get the new message

    ls -al:
    drwx--S--- 2 sadmin site2 4096 Nov 5 15:02 mail
    lrwx------ 1 sadmin site2 60 Oct 31 15:31 mbox -> /home/.sites/143/site2/.users/112/sadmin/mail/saved-messages

    ls -all /var/spool/mail:
    -rw------- 1 installe mail 0 Nov 5 14:53 installer
    -rw------- 1 sadmin mail 0 Oct 31 15:17 sadmin

    Anyone got a clue why this is happening and how I can stop??

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