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    Free Board Host

    I used to have a message board (powered by with lycos. But just as we were getting going and gaining members, lycos deleted my account, without explaination.

    So I set up a free board at Proboards, but the pop up ads were driving the members crazy.

    So my friend offered to host us. But the host has been having problems with PHP for weeks now, and I'm so sick of waiting for them to fix it so we can get the boards back up. I already lost half the members during the first move, now they're being driven away by proboards pop ups.

    Are there any free hosts out there who won't go deleting my site without warning or explaination? Wo offer PHP, CGI and SQL or Perl??

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    You best bet would be to go to the hosting requests forum and ask for free hosting in exchange for placing there banner ad on your forums.. try and get some stats of the type of traffic your site gets also as most hosts will want to know what type of view rate they will get. good luck

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    I can't really. It was only up for a week at lycos before it was deleted. And I don't know how to find out about traffic at Proboards. Plus hardly anyone has posted there since we moved. In one week at lycos we had about 700 posts.
    In about 3 weeks at proboards we've had 250.

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