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    Bandwidth Limiting

    For all of those out there using HTTP/1.1 Virtual hosting, how do you limit your bandwidth? You can't do direct IP accounting, so I'm just curious to know what everyone is using on the software side. We helped out with development of some opensource software to do this in Apache, but what else do you use?
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    Yeah... From Anthony Howe (achowe)... That's what we're using for Apache. If you like it you should also look at his other modules, especially the one that makes you nice MRTG graphs for each web site visitor. Take note that he's changing the product quite a bit for Apache 2.0.
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    We actually use a custom solution that runs inline with our network. Kind of like CiscoWorks (but not ). It gives us detailed reporting and automation of IP management. It's a combo of a software/hardware (appliance) solution.
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    We used to use a custom system like that - just with IP accounting. I'm interested in ideas for non-IP based hosting though... Basically in shared IP based hosting you have to base your limiting on the Host header.
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