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    N-Stealth Question

    I downloaded N-Stealth for those who are familiar with the program, and it told me the only Risk I had on my Web Server was the following. If someone can tell me what to do to correct this issue I would appreciate it very much.


    Common Directory Checking Test. Tip from the SANS/FBI Top 20 - Configure your web server to use CGI alerting scripts for Error Responses. WebAdmins need to keep tabs on all of these security related issues with their web servers. To assist with this monitoring, the web server should be configured to use custom CGI error response pages for server response codes 401, 403, 413 and 500. The error pages are PERL CGI scripts that are initiated every time the server issues either of these response codes. These scripts accomplish many important tasks including issuing an html warning banner to the client and immediately sending an e-mail notification to the WebAdmin. The e-mail message automates the process of manually collecting security related session information from the web server access and error logs for the request.

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    Seems to me it's telling you to get something like Apache Guardian:

    Guardian: Key Features

    Intercepts any or all web server errors. Detailed documentation describes how to configure the web server for error handling. (Help File)

    Emails an administrator when an error occurs, including: which document the visitor linked from; which document they tried to visit; the visitor's IP, hostname, and browser.

    Logs the error to an industry-standard tab-delimited file for later review or import into a spreadsheet application.

    Versatile pattern-matching filter rules allow the administrator to disable email or logging for certain error types (prevents flooding).

    Secure web admin interface allows administrator to review and edit filter rules, review and edit logs, and create and customize special error messages.
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