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    * 1.2Gigs space/5Gigs Bandwidth/5 domain support/Tomcat 4/Packet Filtering - $7/month

    Hey, are now open to host websites, our basic package includes:

    1.2Gigs Space
    5Gigs Bandwidth
    5 Domain support
    unlimited POP3 accounts
    unlimited MySQL DB
    Tomcat 4 support
    Packet Filtering support
    Perl 5 support
    PHP4 support
    Python support
    Frontpage extensions
    SMTP server/domain
    Ensim 3.1.1 control panel

    NOTE: our website will be up later on today.

    If you'd like to order please visit the site when it's up or email me @ [email protected] or pm me.

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    The Website is now up and running, you may view it.

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