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    Question any opinions on media temple as a host?

    I am looking into a new host for our company's website. At first I was looking for ColdFusion support which brought me to media temple ( They seem to offer very attractive packages with many options (PHP, mySQL, ColdFusion, etc.). Plus they have a very well designed website, which is a big selling point to me..even tho i know it has nothing to do with how good a host they just shows that they care about good design.

    My question is has anyone used or heard good or bad things about them? I would really like to hear about first hand experiences..


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    Whoops, I just realize I'm replying to a three-year old post, but what the hay...

    What hosting package are you considering at MediaTemple, the normal hosting account or a VPS? We're currently hosting a VPS at MediaTemple, but we may be on our way out soon, due mainly to the monthly fee. We also have trouble with bandwidth and accessibility, but that might just be due to the nature of VPS technology (other VPS servers on the same box that may be wrecking it for the rest on that server). We're considering dedicated servers now.

    As for regular MediaTemple hosting accounts, I have no clue, though I've seen both good and bad reviews in these forums (just do a MediaTemple search).
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