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    Exclamation I am looking for a (very good) hosting for my website


    I am looking for a (very good) hosting for my website (based USA).

    I need:

    - Linux
    - Bandwidth: 30 Gb (or UNLIMITED)
    - Disk Space: about 600/700 MB
    - MySQL Database: 3 (400MG)

    - Web Site Statistics (Detailed Web Stats)
    - E-mail Autoresponders: UNLIMITED
    - E-mail Forwarding: UNLIMITED
    - Excellent Technical Support
    - Web Control Panel
    - Low Monthly Cost (if possible)

    So, I am also interested by a dedicated sever.

    Please, If you know a very good company, post a message.

    Thx in advance,


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    I think you posted on the wrong board buddie.

    has the best offers in town

    We will match any other price by 20%, We are running on multihomed networks 3 servers at ev1 and currently five servers total so we can host you on a box nearest to your location.



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    Everthing you asked for $26 dollars a month. PM me if you are interested.
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