RAM Host is a fairly new hosting company (founded jan 2009) with high quality Intel quad core servers in Kansas City, MO, USA. Even though we're a young company we have been planning our launch for over 2 years now, and we're in this for the long haul.

We are not oversold or resold!

For just $ 1.33 USD a month, you get the following:

* 2,000 MB disk space
* 40,000 MB data transfer
* MySQL 5.0
* PHP 5.2 (we offer PHP 3/4/5/6)
* Full CGI
* Perl 5.10 (info)
* Python 2.5
* Ruby 1.8
* Outgoing EMail
* 50 Inbound EMail Accounts
* SQLite
* SSI/shtml
* Daily Raw Access Logs
* Daily Webalizer Statistics
* FTP Access
* Custom Web Control Panel
* Custom Errors
* Directory Listings
* Password Protected Areas
* Full User Seperation (Apache-ITK)
* Full .htaccess
* mod_rewrite, mod_expires, mod_headers
* 50 Hostnames / Domains
* 99.9% Uptime or Better
* USA-Based Support
* Powerful Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Infrastructure
* We Run Our Own Servers - Not Resold
* Instant Account Activation
* 30 Day 100% Risk-Free Trial
* Real Time Server Statistics

3rd party uptime reports: SiteUptime.com | Netcraft.com

All this is free for the first 30 days - you cannot pay when you signup.
And there are no setup fees. All this is powered by our powerful Debian based infrastructure designed for speed and reliability - we spent 2 years perfecting the system before launching this service - we're serious about our service.

We are so serious that we have written our own control panel - user: demo and password: demo to try it out.

We are one of the few hosting companies offering 30 day risk-free trials for all new customers. We can do this because we have designed a custom solution to keep all our clients secure from both the outside internet and each other - RAM Host is not a reseller or a quick start up - we run our own servers so you don't get the runaround with us.

Unlike other web hosts, RAM Host caters to the customer who is somewhat tech-savvy and knows what they want. RAM Host is looking for customers that are smart and know what they want - let the other big companies have the people who think the interweb is kewl.

RAM Host is also one of the most transparent web hosting companies around - be strongly believe in full disclosure. We disclose real-time detailed system statistics of our system to the public! And we host our own sites on the same servers that host our clients, which means we care about the stability of your site just as much as our own.

RAM Host maintains such a low price because we do not have 24/7 support - instead we have expert support - If you have been with another web host and are tired of waiting for someone who knows something to answer, you should have no trouble with us. When you contact us for support you get the head of the company, who also happens to be the head server administrator. Few other web host can say that!
We also maintain such low prices because we do not spend a small fortune on advertising (our web site is proof of this - we believe in function over form) - you really do get the most bang for your buck when you sign up with RAM Host.
We can also maintain low prices because we don't accept payments monthly, but rather accept them quarterly (every 3 months). We also offer further discounts if you pay for 6 or 12 months instead.

New: We are now including a free subdomain in the form username.users.ramhost.us - this allows you to test drive RAM Host as soon as you signup, even if you don't have your own domain.

http://www.RAM-Host.com is formerly http://www.RamHost.us