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    Need a good hosting for a paid to click site

    Because I didn't have any experince with sites and hosts till now,I had to change my hosts 3 times in 2 months and don't think it's a good thing. So now I want to be sure I make the right choice and asking for your help.

    I need 1-2Gb space and about 30-50 Gb bandwidth (for now) but the site uses a lot of cpu resources.

    The last host I used and really DONT recommand is I was fooled by that unlimited bandwidth for $3 offer but they are so unprofessional and rude.

    Anyway any suggestion is appreciated.

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    you will need a vps or a dedicated server.
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    Thanks for your answer, I saw they cost more than a shared plan but if there is no choice..
    I checked the site from your signature but I can only see shared and reseller.

    Does anyone know a good company?

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    For 1-2GB of Space and 30-50GB of bandwidth, I cannot possibly think why you would need a VPS.

    What are you hosting that uses so many CPU cycles? A forum? A blog?

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    consider using a shared vps

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    It's a paid to click site. I read that these kind of sites use a bit more resources, and it also has a forum. But the site is almost new, only 2 months old, so I need a small plan for now.

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    I would go with a small vps plan, consider spending about $25.00 per month, that will give you good disk space and bandwidth

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    It's true. A paid to click site does indeed use up a lot more of a server's resources as so many mySQL queries are being executed but that depends on the number of members you have.

    Is this a start up site? IF so, I would recommend going with a shared plan until your member base becomes larger. This is when you'll move to a VPS or even a dedicated, depending on how fast you grow.

    I'm sorry to hear your experience with though. Hosts that offer unlimited plans tend to be very strict when it comes to the type of sites/scripts you host.

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    Then again if you were bashing the CPU then they are likely to be annoyed. But just take your time and contact a few companies with your needs before you choose to see if anyone can help you.

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