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    Question Lexmark x75 Feedback?

    Hello I'm looking at the Lexmark x75 All-in-one printer. It's a printer, copy machine, and scanner all in one. Looks pretty great and the price is good. $149 here: Lexmark Site

    They have it on sale at Circuit City for under $100 does anyone have it and what are your reviews?


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    Looks like a nice machine.. Let us know how it is if you decide to get it.. Also just wondering do you know can you run say the fax off the same phone line ie: fax detects if it is a fax or not and picks up on first ring if it's voice phone will keep ringing? Anyway good luck.. I tossed the scanner months ago due to the fact I would need 5 desks to hold everything like fax, printer, copier, scanner etc.

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    Lexmark makes a good product. My Z52 printer is the most reliable and inexpensive printer that I have ever owned. I wouldn'lt hesistate to buy another Lexmark product.

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    i have the x73, when i bought it the x 83 wasnt out yet it was the best all in one lexmark made 2 weeks later they come out with the x83 which is a standalone machine too. then last week at my local walmart i noticed the price has dropped to $99.00 I originally paid $149. But im telling the print quality of the x73 is stunning. I wouldnt trade it for anything except the x83 with full ink cartridges.

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    i have the X70 which is a combo. it's great quality / performance wise.

    the problem i DO HAVE is the fact that buying a brand new colour & black/white cartridge costs total only $10 less than i paid for the thing (i'm in europe, not that that matters).

    refill kits don't seem to be as abundant here in the EU as in the US, but, i'm looking for one.

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    We've bought Lexmark Lasers in a corporate environment. In a word - horrible. Bought 4 for 1 department, ~$2K a pop with duplexers, 2000 sheet bins, etc.. 1 = DOA. 2 more had problems 1st week. 1 was unrepairable and had to be replaced by Lexmark. They wanted the HP LJ4+'s back.

    Another a C750dn color laser recently purchased over $3000 with options. 2 weeks = dead.

    I've got over $25K budgeted for 5 new report printers for 2003. They will be HP's. I've got 5si with 1,500,000+ pages on them with just the maintenance kits and toner being done.
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    I went to buy the Lexmark x75 but I ended up buying the HP 750 which is also 3-1 (printer, copier, scanner). Same specs as the Lexmark and same price $149! I liked the look of the HP since it was smaller. I've only had it for two days and I like it so far! Nice quality and color. I have so much more room on my desk now without a scanner and a printer in the way!

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    I would have suggested a HP if you were asking for opinions on them I own a couple of DeskJets, and have never found a better printer.

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    seconded, hp make excellent printers, pretty much the only ones id use for a company.

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