2checkout has messed up on the reported stats (as they say)! They said that the "PRESIDENT" has noticed and mentioned several such issues on the last period.

Then we requested the correct stats and they have not given it to us, its been 5 days and they keep on saying you can find it in your control panel however we cant, and thereís not such a thing if there was why wouldnt they copy and paste it in an email just as we requested.

We want the exact stats as they apper for each current period.

for the the previous period:

Total Single Sales Billed Awaiting Processing to Vendor:
Total New Recurring Charges Billed Awaiting Processing to Vendor:
Total Recurring Installments Billed Awaiting Processing to Vendor:

to compare it with our owns, since it is different from the payment they have made.

Itís been 5 days now and they have not even helped a bit in the process.

I usually donít post such threads, but in 2checkout's case I see them come into action and get motivated once you post here.

P.S up to here 2checkout had been good, however we never came across serious issues to see how well they respond.

Thank You