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    * $5 special

    Hello all,

    I have some time off on Tuesday and I need a little extra cash. I'm willing to do a few things for $5. The list is as follows:

    Image slicing to HTML - $5
    Banner ad - $5
    Image / HTML compression - $5 *
    Proofreading - $5 *

    * Exceptions: Within reason, I'll accept almost any amount for compression or proofreading, but I do have the right to refuse or charge a little extra No adult content either.

    The proofreading is more than just a spelling check. I will go through and look for when to was used instead of too, and other mistakes.

    If you can think of any other odd-job for me to do, just ask, I can do almost anything, except stand on my head.

    Contact me via e-mail or PM.

    Thanks a lot,

    Greg Meade
    [email protected]

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    dreamHOBO, I hope you're joking I am a nice guy though, you're right about that.

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