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    Is there such a thing.

    Say you have a long road to your house and want to know when a car is coming in your drive way is there something that would beep in your house when the car was coming? Or is that just a dumb idea.

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    That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

    You could rig up a laser (or beam of IR light) at the end of the driveway such that when the light is distrupted (i.e. a car cuts through it) it beeps a mile up the road.
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    yeah... there is

    its been a while since i have seen it...

    maybe search on google for wireless driveway alert - that will get you what you want

    here is an example
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    Yeah... they do actually exist. I can't recall what it was called though.

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    It's called the "Mother in Law Alarm" tm

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    I did a search for it and fund a bunch of them maybe it's not such a dumb idea after all lol

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    They exist. We have one

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