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    If i go with this server waht other software do i need

    i want to host web site would i need a cpanel ?
    RedHat Linux 8.0, FreeBSD 4.6, Debian or Slackware.
    Processor: Intel Celeron 1.7GHz.
    Memory: 512MB DDRAM.
    Hard Drive: IBM 60GB EIDE 7200RPM.
    Control Panel: Webmin Server Administrator.
    Installed Software: Apache, PERL 5, PHP 4, MySQL, Webalizer, phpMyAdmin, SSH, DNS, POP3, SMTP, and Webmail.
    Full Root Access.
    Free Manual Reboot.
    Free Set-Up.
    24/7 Tech Support.
    Free Server Traffic (MRTG) Monitoring Tool.
    Free DNS Management.
    Free IPs (10).
    No Restrictions on Contents (Adult Materials Welcome).
    No 95th Percentile Rule.
    Non-Throttle & Fully Burstable Bandwidth.

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    You can get, or to name a few so you can easily setup sites. If you are going to host only one site then you can stick with Webmin and learn.

    If you intend to host for others you should get cpanel, ensim or plesk. If the box is going to be only yours then stick with webmin and be prepared to learn.

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