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    Review: Ecommerce Site

    I am looking for some help with our ecommerce website. We receive 200+ visitors daily, yet only convert 6-10 sales a day. I know something is wrong with the site design and would like some feedback as to what work and what needs to go

    Recently the homepage was redesigned, but sales have yet to increase. I believe that the layout and navigation are hard to use and outdated.

    Any suggestions, good or bad are welcome as we need to convert more leads into sales. Our site is


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    Hmmm, Are you a fan of blue color

    Bring more colors in your site

    Disclaimer: It's my personal stomach issue

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    Anything else besides the colors issue? Is the navigation leading to individual products too complicated?

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    The colors are a bit of a problem, but meh I can deal with that. I just think theres a bunch of sort of bulky images cluttering things up so I don't know where to look.

    Its easy enough to find individual products, I wouldn't worry about that as much.

    Looks pretty good overall

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    Like others have said WAY TOO MUCH BLUE !!!

    Aside form that re navigation the only thing I would personally change is rather than having a drop down menu that requires a whole refresh do some sort of sliding menu or similar to make it more "slick". But as it is I see no problem in "finding stuff" due to design

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