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    any affordable domain registras besides Godaddy?

    Hi all I have been reading some of the reviews about GoDaddy domain name register. I was refered there because of the $9 annual price tag.

    I also visited Stargate, but they only shows "$8 for two domain" and refused to show how much a single domain cost.

    Any other reputable domain name registers beside them?

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    they are very good, their prices are very low too.

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    474 - $8.88 a year

  4. #4 <- $15, but their service is great. Registration went very smoothly.
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    You can't go wrong with . I've been with them since 98 or 99, I believe... might have been 2000... I don't remember. Anyway, I've always had great service and "special" information about hosting, websites, urls, etc. They have a really nice system, plus the features are great... Cost more than the other 8 - 10 dollar host, but directnic has great features....

  6. #6 is great as well.

    $15 - same as directNIC. They usually have great deals going on if you transfer your domain over to them from another registrar.

    Beware of their DNS hosting though, it is totally unreliable. If you need a DNS host go with

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    Go Daddy has the best service/price combo for that market segment.

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    Originally posted by pgrote
    Go Daddy has the best service/price combo for that market segment.
    i agree! godaddy rock!

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    I love godaddy! Plus they are right down the street just in case!
    Maybe that is why I get First class service?
    Anyway, always been honest and given me what I pay for!
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