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    * Need Hosting For Live Streaming Site's


    I need 100GB B/W and 5GB Space for two website's account.

    However, I want to run live streaming service like IPL match. Maybe. they will use abuse complain way for suspend these sites.
    Mostly, I'm using embedded code at wordpress script.

    if anyone get responsibility and he has a good server (***high uptime, ****faster server).

    Payment Method Paypal. I'll prepay every month.

    Thank's and Have a nice day...

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    You should take a look on webhosting offers and ask your hosting, if they accept this kind of site on the servers.

    most offshore company will accept this without problem.
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    Are you selling these type's hosting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckydost View Post
    Are you selling these type's hosting?
    Providers are not aloud to talk really about the service they provide on these forums per the rules located here:

    I recommend checking the offers section, or reading reviews on providers to answer your questions.

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    Specs seem to be within a common range but pardon me for being ignorant...what is IPL? and are you saying someone might come after your site wanting to shut it down or suspend it getting the host legally involved?
    Just wondering... haven't seen this type request before and don't really know what you are talking about.
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    * Messager of GOD

    if you try yo do streaming you site will be suspended in the shared hosting space..............suggestion is go for a VPS peace of for a best vps with good quality and host it...GOOD luck..!

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